We create brand identity

Logo Design, Brand Identity & Website Design

We have 25 years of experience providing quality design to companies from 20 countries in
Europe, USA, Asia, Russia and beyond, delivering brand development and corporate identity marketing materials.
Artamax provides design solutions and ideas for large businesses and smaller companies.
We say: Become visible, profitable and attractive.
Order from us:
Logo Design / Company Identity & Brand Design / Website Design / Business Stationery, Company Collateral, Business Marketing Materials and more!

Logo Design

Give your business the best impression, request a professional and unique company logo design to be crafted exclusively for you.
Your logo design will be suitable for web, print and digital media, will look great in small or big sizes, in color or black and white.

Company Identity & Brand Design

As we know, a company or a business that has a consistent corporate identity is taken much more seriously and proven to be more successful than those ignoring own style guidelines. We design consistent, professional, attractive and meaningful corporate business identity guidelines

Business Stationery, Company Collateral & Cards

First impression does matter. We have experience to design collateral, business cards and company stationary for small and large businesses, all materials we deliver are attractive and memorable. You need to stay consistent with your image, logo and colors.

Website Design & Development

No matter what size your business is, you need a professional website designer.
Website Design / Web Development & Maintenance / WordPress Design / e-Commerce & Web Shops

Website Design

Capitalize on investment when you get your website done right the first time. We believe without professional help, your efforts to save some money on quick or free solutions might do more harm than good.
Let professionals design a web presence which you will surely enjoy for a long time;  visually, aesthetically and financially.

Web Development & Maintenance

Sites we build look great, work long, follow modern standards, absolutely mobile friendly, perform efficiently and securely, delivering visitors with best SEO practices.
We can take care of existing website, provide updates, new content, connect you with social media, SEO, modernization and much more.

e-Commerce & Web Shops

Sell online! We design and develop web shops, no matter if you prefer available market tools, open-source solutions, shop-farm services or custom made website.

We make sure your can start selling online quickly, efficiently and securely on many languages.

For Established Businesses

Social media advertising is important, but traditional print marketing still gives you a real power that can help sell your products or services. The beauty of print stands out when your customer reads a brochure, holds your product in hand, finds your magazine advertisement or looks at display in your store, the experience can become more personal.

Print & Marketing Materials Design / Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements, Leaflets / Molino & Poster Design, Banners, Stands & Billboards

Print & Marketing Materials Design

We make sure everything you do print – delivers a clear and consistent message.
Make an impression on prospective customers from business cards and sales collateral, to advertisements, flyers, brochures, roll-up banners, product catalogs or corporate holiday cards, all to reflect the branding of your business.s.

Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements, Leaflets

From concept development to copy-writing, translation, professional photography, design, layout and beyond, we take care of each and every aspect. Flyers and leaflets can be a really useful take-away marketing materials. If your business is involved in any trade fairs or presentations, a professional brochure or display stand, is guaranteed to grab that first impression.

Poster Design, Banners, Stands & Billboards

We design and produce all kinds of posters, advertisements, roll-up banners giant posters, billboards, outdoor stands and boards.
We have huge experiences in understanding and managing the entire print production process as well as product placement.

Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are beneficial for customers, partners, workers, managers. By sending corporate gifts, you create brand awareness and build your relationships with customers for a longer period. We can help you to find right promotional items, produce and deliver final products.

Social Marketing

We create Facebook business pages, Twitter business pages, LinkedIn business pages, Google + business pages, YouTube video channels, Pinterest boards and more.

Online advertising, content strategy and interactive promotions will give attention and create a buzz to make your brand more visible.

Video, Advertising & 3D

We offer a variety of video services for your business communications, from short 2-3 minute long films for Facebook and YouTube to full scale video products

Professional Photography Services

From concept development and place research till post-production and editing, we have all photo shooting services covered

About Us

Artamax is a brand builder.

We bring together a team of creative people to deliver a unique client-focused products, website and e-commerce tools, digital and marketing materials. Based in the heart of Europe in Budapest (Hungary), we are serving clients for more than 25 years now.

Artamax team works with a variety of international and regional clients featuring more then 500 projects serving clients from 25 countries .
Services we provide ranges from initial logo design / brand identity development package all the way to website design and web development, custom digital media, marketing and visual communication solutions, graphic design, online, print and outdoor signage, video production and much more.