JarFood Identity Design, Brand Building

Project brief:

Deliver a new identity and branding for the food company.
We have created a completely new image for the project and completed the overall rebranding activities.
The market for salads made only from natural raw materials and healthy ingredients shows a growing trend
among the 25-45-year-old age groups, so we have defined this as the target group during the project design.

Project included several key aspects:

  •  Logo design
  • Use and position of the logo on different surfaces
  • Presentation of the logo’s ratio system
  •  Related image elements and shapes
  • Image colors and color codes for communication
  • Design of additional graphic elements
  • Fonts and typography, usage of fonts in communication
  • Writing new slogans
  • Development of a marketing concept
  • Design of work clothes for couriers
  • Professional photography
  • Creation of professional video materials
  • Design of merchandising materials and advertising items
  • Creation of a webshop (17 products) with online payment

Read project details and description in Hungarian on artamax.hu


JarFood was founded in Budapest in 2018 as food delivery and distributor company.
By 2023 company has grown and its vision, mission, values ​​and market reach, so the management approached us to redevelop the current brand, deliver a fresh look and feel as a right strategic decision.

Country: Hungary

Project team:

Graphics / design
Art Director / Project management / design: András Timár
Design: Vadim Ostapenko
Graphic concepts:
 Melis Gergő
Packaging typography: Réka Szekeres

Director: Mr.BED Teddy
Chef: Zoltán Kovács
Food stylist: Ágnes Kapolka
Editing: COLOR
Music effects: Todd Williams
VFX: Max Tailor
Cinematographer: Péter Virág

Concept / Art Director: András Timár
Photos: Végel Dániel (www.vegeldaniel.com)
Food stylist: Ágnes Kapolka

Web design & development: Vadim Ostapenko

Logo Design and Concepts

The first step of the project was the design of the new logo. In this stage, we provided to the client more than 12 different concepts and directions, presented logo with different applications:

jarfood company logo design

The finally chosen and accepted logo can be used in several ways.
Either by itself or placed on a jar in which the product appears on the market.
The colors were selected from many variations in consultation with the customer.

jarfood company logo design

Editing the logo according to the rules of the golden ratio:

Brand Design: Communications

After logo acceptance, we have started design of the related communication materials (text, fonts, elements) which will be used in upcoming branding development.

Branding and marketing materials design

After the completion of the related to brand design additional materials, the style and appearance of the photos had to be determined.
A visual plan and scenarios were prepared for this stage.

These are usually mood pictures that the Art Director wants to see in communication and greatly help the photographer’s work.

Branding and marketing materials photo shoot

Several work pictures from the photo shoot:

Branding design and marketing materials photo shoot

Completed photos for the marketing materials. We asked the photographer for mood pictures and product pictures of all 17 products.

Brand design, marketing materials photo shoot

Mood pictures for communication materials:

Branding and marketing materials photo shoot

Marketing Materials

After the photos were taken, we moved to the next stage to prepare the publication for the marketing needs.

Company Branding Videos

As a next step, we started making the plans for the brand videos.
A mood board was created, from which we could plan the steps of the video production and calculate how many days the shoot will take.
We created video materials for the brand, which can be used in communication on various media platforms, such as web or TV commercials.

Website Design

After all the materials were ready, we could start building the website, which will operate as a webshop.

Brand design: company website