Costs & Prices

Artamax operates according to one simple and easy to understand principle:

We are working honestly and professionally for the price which is interesting to us and suitable to our clients as a reward for a quality work.

Our price estimates are usually based on three main pillars:

  1. Keep client’s expenses as low as reasonable; budget framed
  2. Make profit and keep business relationships “win-win” for all parties
  3. Offer the best possible solutions comparing to the rest of the market

We are here to help you make business visibly successful and deliver your marketing message straight forward.

We are not looking for easy cheats, we can simply guarantee that under current market conditions our client will always receive a solid, functional, quality product for a long term use.

In each particular case we are keeping tight balance between creative approach, prices  and responsibilities taken by us during the project development.
Most of our existing clients are staying with us, as well as referring us with friendly recommendations to friends and new business owners.

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