Project brief:

Provide photorealistic visualization of the services provided by the company.
Deliver the key image to support and enhance visual communications to be used through out marketing materials, website and advertisements.

Additionally for this client we have delivered:

Design, visualization, post-production by:  Vadim Ostapenko


City Diamond specialities include property management, maintenance and trading. Company delivers complex solution for condominiums of any type.

Country: Hungary

Final visualization, marketing key image

Image size: 15,380 x 10,100 pixels.
Resolution: 300 DPI

photorealistic visualization image creation

What is photorealistic visualization?

Not all renderings are photorealistic.

To make photo or image look more natural several techniques are used and various design elements are added to the image, which may include: lighting, shadows, textures, materials, vegetation, landscape and people.

Professional designers are using primarily Photoshop to create renderings and visualizations from provided sketches, 3d models or other source images.

Rendering is a complicated art and it can take years to master!

Through photo montaging, photo manipulation, photo editing, photo retouching, photo enhancement and other combination of tools and techniques, designer delivers the final picture by adding touches through a post-production process resulting in an architectural photorealistic rendering.

Visualization design process usually goes trough several steps, which might contain:

  •  initial concept development and image composition,
  • creating a mood board to have a better rendering,
  • first drafts approval and revisions
  • image retouching & enhancement
  • visualization post production process
photorealistic visualization image detail close-up

Render Details Close-up

photorealistic visualization image details close-up

Mood board and Source Materials

photorealistic visualization mood board

Photorealistic visualization in Use

Outdoor billboard posters

Outdoor billboard posters

Website design

City diamond website design

Other Visual Composition Concepts

Composition 1

photorealistic visualization composition 1

Composition 2

photorealistic visualization composition 1