Family Crest Design, Coat of Arms Creation

Project brief:

  • Design a heraldic family crest
  • Provide colored version of the design
  • Provide design suitable for large scale prints

Graphic Design: Vadim Ostapenko


Vajda Family invited Vadim Ostapenko to design a family coat of arms, heraldic crest to be used on large prints and personal materials.

This coat of arms represents the membership presence among the knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre (Jeruzsálemi Szent Sír Lovagrend).
By ancient tradition dating back to 1486, the order uses the arms attributed to the Kingdom of Jerusalem – a gold Jerusalem Cross enameled with red, the color of blood, to signify the five wounds of Christ.
Knights of the Order are entitled to wear a cross on the neck on the black ribbon.
The elements of the shield refer to the owner of the coat of arms, the snake and the goblet to the profession being a pharmacist, and the waves  on the shield refer to the location: Lake Balaton.

Country: Hungary

Coat of Arms Creation

Details Close-up

Closeup Coat of Arms Design
Closeup Coat of Arms Design Process
Closeup Coat of Arms Design
Closeup Coat of Arms Design