The Nordic Crown (Sweden) Retail Company Logo Design

Project brief:

Provide a new brand identity and logo design for respectful children’s products development, production and design company. Nordic Crown operates mainly in Scandinavian markets.

Establish brand colors and letter-type, provide branding guidelines.

Logo Design: Vadim Ostapenko


Nordic Crown’s roots go back to the 1930s when BRIO started producing prams in Osby, Sweden. Company is proud to preserve heritage of Swedish craftsmanship, competence and traditions with key values of Quality, Safety, Functionality and Sustainability.

Nordic Crown is a team of dedicated specialists with the ambition to deliver high quality products to the Scandinavian markets.

Over the years Nordic Crown has invented, developed and produced all kinds of prams, strollers, trikes, car seats and accessories to provide functionally designed, high-quality, safe children’s accessories.

Country: Sweden, Norway

The Nordic Crown Poducts
The Nordic Crown Products
The Nordic Crown child in cradle