Project brief:

Design and deliver entire visual identity and brand development for a Norwegian health travel company.

Folders, marketing material holders for marketing materials as well as city information maps are completely unique and were designed exclusively for this project.
Custom made and elegant cut-out shapes allow folders stay closed without any glue applied.

Project included complete brand design and production of:

  • Company logo design
  • Company image, fonts, color combinations
  • Business and promotional cards
  • Various marketing brochures and handout materials
  • Digital publications, newsletters
  • Unique custom made company folders and holders for marketing materials
  • Design city information maps for a travel company’s marketing materials.
  • Promo cards
  • A set of post-cards
  • Custom made note-book

Art Director and Designer: Vadim Ostapenko


The Sterk Helse (Strong Health in Norwegian) is a company specializing in preventive medicine programs and rehabilitation travel.

Sterk Helse Maps

Sterk Helse Print Marketing Brochures & Publications