Project brief:

Design a professional personal logo for a Red Bull air-race pilot.

Concept of this logo design combines 2 ideas into one visual “coded” message.
Logotype avatar addresses viewer to altitude meter, numbers 7 and 8 are highlighted in red color to remind of the “78” – number of the pilot.
Avatar has also combined letters D and G, referring to Daniel Genevey.

Combination of the avatar and text logo creates a very classic look, referring to pilot related lifestyle,  watches, fashion and more.
Avatar can be also used on it’s own as a stand-alone symbol. This logo has added stylized wings, to increase dynamics of the visuals and also address viewer to air and flight related mood.

Logo Design: Vadim Ostapenko


Daniel Genevey is an award-winning aerobatic and air race pilot with over 5500 flying hours.

Daniel won the French National Advanced Aerobatics Championships in 2011. Since 2015, he has competing under the flag of Hungary, as an aerobatics pilot as well as an air race pilot in the Red Bull Air Race Challenger class.

Daniel Genevey, Red Bull Air Race Pilot

Daniel Genevey Cap