Project brief:

Deliver professional restaurant website design with unique brand recognition elements.
Develop multilingual website based on WordPress framework.

Website Design and Development: Vadim Ostapenko

Also delivered:


The Bartfai Restaurant is a newly established culinary venue with unique approach. The Hungarian cuisine reconsidered and fitted for the 21st century trends.
Old Hungarian traditional dishes transformed with great care to present this heritage to their guests in a credible, authentic, yet in a modern way.

A set of custom illustrations was made for website
to explain themed dishes inspired by famous Hungarian writers  

Restaurant menu design 

We have committed our efforts for several month into developing a modern visual design for a newly established restaurant.
Just to mention: created a brand new logo, done interior design planning, made corporate guidelines for print materials,
provided a feel, fonts & colors, designed framework for visual guest communication materials, designed a several restaurant menu lists, built restaurant website, provided photo shoot and video support.

We believe we are on the right track proposing the best solutions to the restaurant owners to go with.
Quality media materials and design will always matter and will pay back.