The Bartfai Restaurant is a newly established culinary venue with unique view and approach. The Hungarian cuisine is being reconsidered by new Chefs;  now fitted for the 21st century and healthy living trends. Old Hungarian traditional dishes transformed with great care to present this heritage to their guests in a credible, authentic, yet in a modern way. – Bartfai Restaurant


We have committed our efforts for several month into developing a modern visual design for a newly established restaurant.
Just to mention: created a brand new logo, done interior design planning, made corporate guidelines for print materials,
provided a feel, fonts & colors, designed framework for visual guest communication materials, designed a several restaurant menu lists, built restaurant website, provided photo shoot and video support.

We believe we are on the right track proposing the best solutions to the restaurant owners to go with.
Quality media materials and design will always matter and will pay back.
We have proved many times, our partners are well accepted and blooming on TripAdvisor and other social channels.


  • Design a new restaurant logo and corresponding materials
  • Develop media restaurant outlook an appearance
  • Provide a selection of type faces to be used in communication materials and advertising
  • Provide a selection of corporate colors and color combinations for extensive use
  • Design management cards and visitor hand-outs
  • Develop restaurant website
  • Design and Produce restaurant menu
  • Provide photo shoot library media catalogue
  • Provide restaurant introduction video
  • Support social media & SEO
Artamax provides a full support to the restaurant owners,
we assist in many ways: from initial concept development to the perfect execution and presentation.
We guide you all the way through the design process, financial estimates, creative concepts, help with an actual production works, deliver outdoor signs, menus, print materials and digital media presence.

We have delivered a professional set of photos for the restaurant.  
This is an essential need for marketing, social media channels, web and print

Bartfai Restaurant website design and development 

Bartfai Restaurant menu design