Il Terzo Cerchio Winebook Design

Winebook design for Italian restaurant

Client: Il Terzo Cerchio

Industry: Restaurants, Café, Bars

Country: Hungary

Project details

Winebook design for the Italian restaurant Il Terzo Cerchio.
Every page of the winebook has various illustrations related to the actual wine region.

Italian restaurant Il Terzo Cerchio (The Third Circle, a reference to Dante's "Inferno", where sinners were punished for their appetites) is a bit more sophisticated than your typical Italian eatery, the atmosphere is homey and inviting and dishes are fantastic!

Artamax provided business cards and marketing materials for the restaurant.

Winebook menu cover for italian restaurant Il Terzo Cerchio

Inside page of the winebook

Solutions provided

Winebook Design

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András

Design: Marton Szilvia, Timár András

Management: Timár András

Team: Marton Szilvia, Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

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