Hummus Bar Exterior Design

Exterior design for 10 restaurants

Client: Hummus Bar Budapest

Industry: Restaurants, Café, Bars

Country: Hungary

Project details

Artamax team is proud to present a new brand identity developed for Hummus Bar Budapest.
New identity includes a refreshed corporate logo, more vibrant corporate color palette, unified communication platform, re-designed web site, branded image schemes and type sets combination, new advertising guidelines and much much more.
The first Hummus Bar Budapest opened 10 years ago as a small canteen, which introduced the Middle Eastern cuisine to the Hungarian guests. Because of the popularity of the venue, today there are 10 restaurants united under the brand of Hummus Bar.
The scope of the project included a development of a brand new look for the entire chain of restaurants.
We created a modular concept of design which is easily replicated throughout the chain.

Handmade wall paintings

New outlook for the shops

New outlook for the shops

Solutions provided

Exterior Design

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Design: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko, Végel Dániel

Management: Timár András, Uri Gottlibovich

Team: Enczmann Éva, Hegyesi Soraya, Márkus Erika, Révész Attila, Timár András, Törő László, Uri Gottlibovich, Vadim Ostapenko, Végel Dániel

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