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Restaurants, Café, Bars (133 projects)

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Trattoria Pomo D'oro Russian Language Ads

Trattoria Pomo D'Oro

Russian language magazine ad for Trattoria Pomo D'oro

LisztFeszt Giant Poster Design

LisztFest - Liszt Ferenc Square Festivals

Logo design and identity development for LisztFeszt festivals

Icon Restaurant Hilton Newsletter

Hilton Budapest

Online Newsletter design for Icon Restaurant Hilton, Budapest

Il Terzo Cerchio Restaurant unique map production

Il Terzo Cerchio

Unique map design for Il Terzo Cerchio italian restaurant

Trattoria Pomo D'oro Newsletters

Trattoria Pomo D'Oro

Newsletter design for Trattoria Pomo D'oro

LisztFeszt Logotype

LisztFest - Liszt Ferenc Square Festivals

Logo design for LisztFeszt Festivals

Travel & Accommodation (54 projects)

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Butik Rooms Logo Design

Butik Design Rooms

Luxury hotel logo and identity design

Discover Budapest Web Portal Design

Discover Budapest

Professional custom website design for a travel portal

Discover Central Europe Logo

Discover Central Europe

Logo deign for a Central Europe media group

CityGuide-Budapest Web Portal

CityGuide Budapest

Budapest city visitor information web portal design and development

Goldene Krone Hotel Photo Shooting

Goldene Krone Hotel

Hotel photography for Goldene Krone Mariazell, Austria

Absolute Budapest Website 2017

Absolute Tours

Absolute Budapest Wordpress website design & development

Business (49 projects)

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Family crest design for Zambo Family

Zámbó Family

Coat of Arms design for the Zambo Family

Lions Energy Trading Logotype

Lions Energy Trading

Company business logo design

Villa Andrássy Graphic Design

Villa Andrássy

Unique illustration for Villa Andrássy Office Center

Mázház Paint Store Logo

Mázház paint store

Construction store accessories logotype design

One World Drinks Logo

One World Drinks

UK distribution company logo design

Balaton-Felvidék properties Website Logo Design

Balaton-Felvidék Properties

Real estate web portal logo design

Food, Wine (39 projects)

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Angelino Pizzeria Logo Design

Angelino Pizzeria and Restaurant

New logo designed for Angelino Pizzeria & Restaurant

Cantinetta Website Design

Cantinetta Gastronomia

Gastronomy store website design and development

Piccante Delicatesse Logo design

Piccante Delicatesse Gastronomy Store

Special gastronomy products in Budapest

Kern Winery Label design

Kern Winery

Illustrated wine label for Kern Winery

Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro Website

Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro

Professional custom website design

Angelino Pizzeria Exterior Design

Angelino Pizzeria and Restaurant

Angelino Pizzeria and Restaurant Exterior Design

Health, Recreation, Sport (34 projects)

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Sterk Helse Magazine Ads

Sterk Helse

Magazine advertisements design

Sterk Helse Cards

Sterk Helse

Business cards, marketing cards

Marident Dental Clinic Newsletters

Marident Dental Clinic

Electronic newsletter design for Marident Dental Clinic

Sterk Helse Folders

Sterk Helse

Unique table card holders and folder designs

Biomiraculum Website Design


Professional food company website design

Sterk Helse Website Design

Sterk Helse

Health organization website design and development

Entertainment, Music, Media (30 projects)

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Dj Severin Logo Design


Nightlife music Dj

Dj Junior Logo Design

Dj Junior

Personal logo design for a Dj

Dj Junior Poster Design

Dj Junior

Posters designed for Dj Junior

Konyhaművészet Web Portal Design

Budapest Week Publishing

The cuisine culinary and lifestyle magazine.

Dj Junior Newsletter

Dj Junior

Online newsletter design for Dj Junior

Hungarian writer Gerloczy Marton website design and webshop development

Gerloczy Marton

Website and webshop development for Gerloczy Marton

Consulting, Finance, Law (18 projects)

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Anyasuli Online Identity

Anyasuli online

Logo and Identity for Online Consultancy for Mothers

TBT Consulting Business Cards

TBT Consulting

Business cards design for business consulting company

eBrain Consulting Logo Design

eBrain Consulting

Company logo for business consulting and management firm

Hardcastle Trading Website

Hardcastle Trading AG

Website Design and Development

Welldon Gastro Consulting Identity Design

Welldon Gastro Consulting

Restaurant consulting company Identity and logo design

HRN Europe Logo

HRN Europe

Events management & organizer company logo design

Beauty and Fashion (7 projects)

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Lady Levendula professional photoshoot

Lady Levendula lavender products

Professional photoshoot for Lady Levendula Brand

Lady Levendula Brand identity design and development

Lady Levendula lavender products

Identity design for Lady Levendula / lavender products company

Faceup 1 - Online Competition Web Portal

Perényi Beauty Center

Make-up competition web portal design and development

Hairpoint by Perényi Website

Perényi Beauty Center

Professional beauty company website design

Hairnet 6 - Online Competition Web Portal

Perényi Beauty Center

Hairdresser competition web portal development and design

Trenda Fashion Wear Logo Design

Trenda Fashion Wear

China Business Perspectives

Public Services (6 projects)

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GoAngol Course Mini logo design

GoAngol e-Language School

New course logo design for e-learning company

GoAngol Mini Logo design

GoAngol e-Language School

Course logo design for e-learning company

Goangol e-Language School Identity Design

GoAngol e-Language School

Online Language School Identity Design

GoAngol e-Language School Logo Design

GoAngol e-Language School

New logo for a new type of learning

Goangol Business Card Design

GoAngol e-Language School

Business cards for Goangol e-language school

GoAngol Logo Set

GoAngol e-Language School

3 project logos designed for e-learning company

NGO, Non-Profit, Association (5 projects)

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HBLF Web Portal Design & Development

Hungarian Business Leaders Forum

Webportal Development and design for a nonprofit association

Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) Icons

Hungarian Business Leaders Forum

Unique icons design for HBLF

Green Horizon Website

Green Horizon

Green Horizon Environmental Magazine web portal design and development

IOTA NGO Portal Design and Development

Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administration

Website design for a non profit intergovernmental organisation

Institut Français de Budapest Website Design

Institut Français de Budapest

Professional Custom Website Design for the French Institute Budapest

Telecommunication, IT, Mobile (5 projects)

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Cellum MobilePay App Icons Design

Cellum Group

Icon set design for a mobile payments application

Cellum MobilePay App Pictograms Design

Cellum Group

A set of pictograms designed for a mobile payments application

Allround Solutions Website

Allround Solutions

Professional Custom Website Design and Development

WagaTel Logo Design

WagaTel Global Communications

WagaTel World Wide Telecommunications Company Logo Design

Artsiter Website Design and Development


Internet design and development studio

Governmental (3 projects)

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Főszinform Website Design


Főszinform - Budapest local government IT solutions provider

Főszinform Identity Design


Professional identity, logo and website design

Főszinform Logo Design


Professional visual identity for the company

XXX Adult entertainment (2 projects)

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Max Candy Website

Max Candy

Professional adult website design and development

XXX Ads - Professional Website Design


Website design for an adult marketing company

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