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Australia (2 projects)

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Halfnote Productions Website Design

Halfnote Productions

Professional custom website design

Halfnote Productions Logo

Halfnote Productions

Music company logo design

Austria (6 projects)

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Goldene Krone Restaurant Menu

Goldene Krone Restaurant

Restaurant Menu Design

Goldene Krone Restaurant Photo Shooting

Goldene Krone Restaurant

Restaurant photography: Goldene Krone

Goldene Krone Hotel Mobile Version

Goldene Krone Hotel

Austrian hotel website mobile version design and development

Goldene Krone Hotel Website

Goldene Krone Hotel

Professional hotel website design

Goldene Krone Hotel Photo Shooting

Goldene Krone Hotel

Hotel photography for Goldene Krone Mariazell, Austria

Goldene Krone Restaurant Website

Goldene Krone Restaurant

Professional restaurant website design

Brazil (1 projects)

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Dj Severin Logo Design


Nightlife music Dj

Canada (4 projects)

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Canada Spa Identity

Canada Spa

Identity and logo design

Canada Spa Website Design

Canada Spa

Professional Custom Website Design

Canada Spa Business Cards

Canada Spa

Identity and logo design

Canada Spa Logo Design

Canada Spa

Company identity and logo design

China (2 projects)

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Trenda Fashion Wear Logo Design

Trenda Fashion Wear

China Business Perspectives

Brenda Fashion Logo Design

Brenda Fashion

Chinese fashion company logo design

Czech Republic (6 projects)

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Segway Tours Prague Logo

Discover Prague

Logotype design

Prague Segway Tours Website

Discover Prague

Prague segway rentals & tours company website design and development

Absolute Prague Website

Discover Prague

Website for a travel agency and tour operator in Prague

Discover Prague Website

Discover Prague

Prague Travel Center Website Development

Discover Prague Logo

Discover Prague

Prague Travel Center Logotype Design

Yellow Zebra Prague

Discover Prague

Bike and segway tours company website design

France (2 projects)

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Podeiwo Project Website

Podeiwo Project

Photo challenge website design and development

Lions Energy Trading Logotype

Lions Energy Trading

Company business logo design

Germany (1 projects)

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Maya Markeplace Logo Design

Maya Marketplace

Trade company logotype

Greece (3 projects)

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Bakaliko Crete Gastronomy Store Website

Bakaliko Crete Gastronomy Store

Gastronomy store website design and development

Bakaliko Crete Mobile Website

Bakaliko Crete Gastronomy Store

Gastronomy store responsive (mobile) website design and development

Elite in Crete Accommodation Portal

Elite in Crete

Professional web portal design and development

Hungary (302 projects)

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Főszinform Identity Design


Professional identity, logo and website design

Hummus Bar Budapest Logo Design

Hummus Bar

Professional logo design for fast food company

EZ Park Illustrations

EZ Park

Custom illustrations for the website

Bohémia Restaurant & Beer Hall Logo Design

Bohémia Restaurant & Beer Hall

Bohémia Restaurant logo and identity design

A-Logic Stage Systems Website Design

A-Logic Stage Systems

Concert, events and stage equipment supplier website design Logo Design


Accommodation and hostel booking portal logo design

Italy (1 projects)

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First TV Web Portal

First TV

Free online movie portal design and development

Japan (1 projects)

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Tokyo Hostel illustrations for website and print materials

Tokyo Hostel

Illustrations were created exclusively for Tokyo Hostel website and print materials.

Luxembourg (1 projects)

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Fast Computer Services Website

Fast Computer Services

IT company website design

Netherlands (2 projects)

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Parawise Logo Design


Professional logo for Dutch software development company

Talsma Software Logo Design

Talsma Software

Software development company logo design: Talsma Software, Holland

Norway (17 projects)

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Sterk Helse Marketing Materials

Sterk Helse

Travel and Health company identity development

Sterk Helse Logo Design

Sterk Helse

Professional logo design for a health organisation.

Tema Helse AS Website

Tema Helse

Website design for a Norvegian health company

Sterk Helse Invitation Brochure

Sterk Helse

Design of the invitation brochure for the conference in Prague

Sterk Helse Identity Design

Sterk Helse

Travel and Health company complete visual and corporate identity design

Sterk Helse Post Cards Design

Sterk Helse

A set of company post cards in a nice folder

Spain (4 projects)

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Pago Diana Marketing Brochure Design

Pago Diana Estate & Winery

Spanish winery marketing materials design

Pago Diana Estate & Winery Website

Pago Diana Estate & Winery

Website design for Pago Diana Estate & Winery

Clinica del Dolor Website Design

Clinica del Dolor de Barcelona

Spinal clinic and research center website

Pago Diana Wine Labels Design, Spain

Pago Diana Estate & Winery

Pago Diana Estate & Winery

Sweden (2 projects)

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BabaPro Logo Design

Baba Pro

New logo and identity design for a toy company

BabaPro Identity

Baba Pro

New logo and identity design for a toy company

Switzerland (4 projects)

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Hardcastle Hungary Marketing Materials

Hardcastle Trading AG

Business communications for HSD Hungary

Hardcastle Trading Identity Design

Hardcastle Trading AG

Visual identity design and brand development

Hardcastle Trading Logo

Hardcastle Trading AG

Visual identity design and brand development

Hardcastle Trading Website

Hardcastle Trading AG

Website Design and Development

UK (9 projects)

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Acensys Brand Identity Design

Acensys IT consulting Ltd.

Company Corporate Identity design for Acensys UK

Key2e Business Website


Business website design and development

HRN Europe Logo

HRN Europe

Events management & organizer company logo design

HOPPI Logo Design

HOPPI Online Shop

Online shopping company logo design and branding

HOPPI Online Store

HOPPI Online Shop

Custom web shop design and development

WagaTel Logo Design

WagaTel Global Communications

WagaTel World Wide Telecommunications Company Logo Design

USA (18 projects)

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XXX Ads - Professional Website Design


Website design for an adult marketing company

Discover Central Europe Logo

Discover Central Europe

Logo deign for a Central Europe media group

eBrain Consulting Logo Design

eBrain Consulting

Company logo for business consulting and management firm

Yellow Zebra Budapest

Discover Central Europe

Budapest travel services company website

American Clinics International Illustrations

American Clinics International

Set of illustrations for the AMI website

Max Candy Website

Max Candy

Professional adult website design and development

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