The Budapest Speakeasy is a newly established unique bar and cafe with a main theme and the mood of the Prohibition Era (1920 – 1933).
Concept of the venue developed around the “Roaring Twenties” in United States when illegal drinking dens, saloons or nightclubs were selling alcoholic beverages.
Currently this is a comfortable & welcoming setting to chill & relax, where we strive to provide an exceptional level of service. With focus on Hungarian product & a commitment to the environment and local welfare.
“These are the good old days”.


  • Design a new cafe/bar logo and corresponding materials
  • Develop and install outdoor signage
  • Design Bar & Cafe marketing materials and boards
  • Design menu, wine and drink lists for Speakeasy Bar & Cafe
  • Provide a selection of fonts and color combinations to be used in communication materials and advertising
  • Design business cards and visitor hand-outs

Art Director and Designer: Vadim Ostapenko

Budapest Speakeasy Cafe Drink List Design

Budapest Speakeasy Cafe Menu Design

Sidewalk Stop Board Design and Production 

Sidewalk Stop Board Design and Production