LisztFeszt Giant Poster Design

Logo design and identity development for LisztFeszt festivals

Client: LisztFest - Liszt Ferenc Square Festivals

Industry: Restaurants, Café, Bars

Country: Hungary

Project details

A group of restaurants located at the Liszt Ferenc ter in the center of Budapest have come to conclusion to join forces together and establish LisztFeszt - a series of festivals and events.

These are NOT music events, but rather food, drink and entertainment events, so Liszt Ferenc composer himself should't have been heavily accented.

We have designed a new logo and a giant poster for the LisztFeszt.
The main idea behind the concept was to user original signature of the composer and use it in stylized way as a chef's decoration for the plate of food.

Later on for the campaign artamax made photo sessions of this logo drawn with balsamic vinegar and chocolate on a white plate.     

The idea of the giant poster and the existing 7 X 3 meters poster at Liszt Ferenc tér

Design close-up

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Design: Kassai Balázs, Timár András

Management: Timár András

Team: Kassai Balázs, Timár András

Other works for this Client

LisztFeszt Logotype

Client: LisztFest - Liszt Ferenc Square Festivals

Logo design for LisztFeszt Festivals

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