LisztFeszt Logotype

Logo design for LisztFeszt Festivals

Client: LisztFest - Liszt Ferenc Square Festivals

Industry: Restaurants, Café, Bars

Country: Hungary

Project details

A group of restaurants located at the Liszt Ferenc ter in the center of Budapest have come to conclusion to join forces together and establish LisztFeszt - a series of festivals and events.

These are NOT music events, but rather food, drink and entertainment events, so Liszt Ferenc composer himself should't have been heavily accented.

We have designed a new logo for LisztFeszt.
The main idea behind the concept was to user original signature of the composer and use it in stylized way as a chef's decoration for the plate of food. Later on for the campaign artamax made photo sessions of this logo drawn with balsamic vinegar and chocolate on a white plate.      

At the same time logo needed to be easily adoptable to any color style of the partner's own websites and stationaries.

Colors are changing, but identity remains.

Final logos

Researching ideas

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Checking appearance

Checking appearance


Solutions provided

Logo Design

Project team

Art-Director: Vadim Ostapenko

Design: Kathy Zsolt, Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Management: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Team: Kassai Balázs, Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

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Client: LisztFest - Liszt Ferenc Square Festivals

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