Kern Winery Label design

Illustrated wine label for Kern Winery

Client: Kern Winery

Industry: Food, Wine

Country: Hungary

Project details

The Kern Winery is located at the Lake Balaton (Balatonszőlős), respectul owners called Artamax to design a visual identity for the winery and support it further with wine labels, packaging elements  and other communication materials.

This illustrated wine label was designed for the unique Riesling wine of the Kern Winery presenting the old wine cellar and local landscapes. We have designed and delivered an entire packaging scheme for this wine.

For Kern Winery Artamax also designed a unique logo and a company website.

Solutions provided

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András

Design: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Management: Timár András

Team: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Other works for this Client

Wine label hand-made illustration

Client: Kern Winery

Illustration for Kern Winery Riesling wine label

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