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Client: Williamson & Klark Corporate Finance

Industry: Consulting, Finance, Law

Country: Hungary

Project details

Williamson & Klark Corporate Finance specializes in managing securities, hedging operations and implementing cost controlling management.

Williamson & Klark also performs economic analysis and market researches covering various aspects depending on partners’ requirements, as well as economic forecasts and the preparation of feasibility studies.

Artamax designed and developed bilingual website for the company, featuring sophisticated design of the art of corporate financing, custom-made e-newsletter, administration access and Chance Calculator application to get an instant answer on possibilities to obtain the loan.

Website content is fully managed by the client through Smartamax Content Management System (CMS).


Project team

Art-Director: Vadim Ostapenko

Design: Vadim Ostapenko

Management: Timár András

Team: Albert Szwedo, Dobos Levente, Kassai Balázs, Szép István

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