Vendiak Restaurant Menu

Unique restaurant menu design

Client: Vendiak Restaurant

Industry: Restaurants, Café, Bars

Country: Hungary

Project details

Véndiák in Hungarian means an "Old Student".

The main idea behind the menu was to re-produce an old hungarian school book.
Unique iIllustrations were made for this project to support the visual message.

Menu design for Véndiák Restaurant

Menu cover in old haungarian schoolbook style

Unique illustrations for Véndiák Restaurant menu

Solutions provided

Restaurant Menu Design

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András

Design: Timár András



Other works for this Client

Véndiák Restaurant Logo

Client: Vendiak Restaurant

Logo design for Vendiak restaurant

Vendiak Restaurant Menu Illustrations

Client: Vendiak Restaurant

Unique illustrations for Véndiák Restaurant

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