Péterfy Bori Love Band / Unique t-shirts design

T-shirt design for re-branding

Client: Péterfy Bori Love Band

Industry: Entertainment, Music, Media

Country: Hungary

Project details

Péterfy Bori Love Band is one of the most successful bands in Hungary.
The band came out with the new album and brand outlook in 2017.

Artamax designed unique t-shirts for the band.
The face idea is the classic idol presentation, where Bori presented in a sexy and vamp style.

The other concept connected to new BoriXApp. The style is classic super hero, but executed in vector drawings, which brings back the IT feeling.

To buy it please visit the band's webshop at bolt.peterfybori.hu 


Unique silver style

Péterfy Bori

Bat style with white print

Unisex t-shirts

For gents also:)

Concepts for super hero t-shirts

The superhero!!

...and Robin

Solutions provided


Project team

Art-Director: Timár András

Design: Béres Mónika, Timár András

Management: Béres Mónika, Timár András

Team: Béres Mónika, Timár András

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