Marident Dental Clinic Photography

Photo shooting for Marident Dental Clinic

Client: Marident Dental Clinic

Industry: Health, Recreation, Sport

Country: Hungary

Project details

Photo sessions were setup by us to supply Marident Dental Clinic with professional graphic materials for various needs. 

Founded in 1996 Marident and the Marident-Castle surgeries were established by dental surgeons in successful private practice since 1985, who now have over twenty years experience. In both clinics the high-quality services offered to patients include tooth-whitening, filling, prosthetics, oral hygiene, oral surgery and supplementary services.

Marident is one of 48 dental surgeries in Hungary that have been awarded 3M ESPE status and as such it partakes in the various stages of new product testing and assists product developers with feedback and observations.

Photo of the clinic

Photo of the clinic

Photo of the clinic

Image photo

Image photo

Solutions provided

Professional photo shooting

Project team

Art-Director: Kassai Balázs, Timár András

Design: Kassai Balázs, Timár András

Management: Timár András

Team: Kassai Balázs, Timár András

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