LEVITAL mattress system

Professional photo shoot services

Client: LEVITAL mattress system

Industry: Business

Country: Hungary

Project details

The LEVITAL Mattress Systems selected Artamax for a brand development and company presentation on the international market.

As soon as we got approval from the client for delivered business communications concept we were able to focus on professional photo shoot.

Since company is planning to target international market, main idea we have decided to focus on was to develop a set of images/ company stock photo bank, were products represented by various couples from various countries, ages and nations.

Company will use these pictures for next stages of brand development and expansion.

Photographer: Végel Dániel / vegeldaniel.com
Assistant: Elena Chystiakova
Make-up artist: Csontos Anikó
Stylist: Peleskey Zsuzsa / zsuzsapeleskeystylist.com
Executive producer: Timár András

Models: Törő László, Nagy Vivien, Zozó, Telma Naa Lincoln, Harry Szovik,
Vészabó Noémi, Wágner György

Communication concept

Solutions provided

Professional photo shooting

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András, Végel Dániel

Design: Timár András, Végel Dániel

Management: Csontos Anikó, Timár András

Team: Elena Chystiakova, Peleskey Zsuzsa, Timár András, Végel Dániel

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