Lady Levendula professional photoshoot

Professional photoshoot for Lady Levendula Brand

Client: Lady Levendula lavender products

Industry: Beauty and Fashion

Country: Hungary

Project details

We have made several custom photo shooting sessions for the Lady Levendula Brand to represent a new line of products and develop a bank of photos for future needs.

Besides photography Artamax created the full brand identity for Lady Levendula.
You can find details in Hungarian here:

Photos seccions were conducted by professional Végel Dániel.

Solutions provided

Professional photo shooting

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András

Design: Timár András, Végel Dániel

Management: Scholten Nikolett

Team: Scholten Nikolett, Timár András, Végel Dániel

Other works for this Client

Lady Levendula Brand identity design and development

Client: Lady Levendula lavender products

Identity design for Lady Levendula / lavender products company

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