Faceup 1 - Online Competition Web Portal

Make-up competition web portal design and development

Client: Perényi Beauty Center

Industry: Beauty and Fashion

Country: Hungary

Project details

Artamax designed and developed the system for the first make-up competition online.

Here are few features and functionalitites of the portal site administration:

  • Back-end administration interface is presented in 6 languages but can be extended.
  • Multilingual front-end platform with dictionary-module for changing content, and even with possibility of adding new languages
  • Newsletters, which are used for sending out mass-letters to the registered users.
    In case if more then thousand users registered -- the system is sending the emails hourly for groups
    There is a possibility to create once-to-send emails, or periodical letters, with starting date for sending. Entire mailing system is also multilingual.
  • Sub-admininstration access possibilities. Assigned separately country admins can control only the given country and its competitors, while Super-administrator is responsible for all the textual content, website settings, etc.
  • Administrator is able to set-up the timelines, deadline for content uploads, duration of each competition round
  • Administrator is able to set-up the time between two votes, define "bad" words which are then automatically moderated out from the frontend messages, and forums.
  • Super-administrator (Owner) is also able to access the settings of entire system
  • Possibility for banning users for a pre-defined time (in this time those users will not be able to log in into their profile pages). The users can be even banned forever, or deleted.
  • Possibility to allow/disallow users
  • In the back-end Administrator interface the list of all posted competitors can be set in different status-colors. The Administrator can allow the competitors, or send back a feedback to the Competitor, if any of the uploaded content/pictures do not meet the contest’s criterias.
  • Super-administrator has unlimited control access to the entire website, for example write into forums or message boards.
  • And much more

Faceup 1 main page

List in a category

Profile page

Admin page - newsletter management

Admin page - CMS system

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Design: Kassai Balázs, Vadim Ostapenko

Management: Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

Team: Albert Szwedo, Dobos Levente, Kassai Balázs, Timár András, Vadim Ostapenko

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