Elf's Nook story book creation

The Stories of Elf's Nook: written by kids, illustrated by Andras Timar

Client: Elf's Nook Story Book

Industry: Books

Country: Hungary

Project details

The book "Stories of Elf's Nook" was created in the kindergarten by writing, telling and creating stories together with kids.

One of the fathers participating was luckily Artamax creative director (Andras), so he turned these stories into new perspective:
he made a wooden hard-copy story book, and as story was unfolding he followed up further with hand-made illustrations.

What we have now is a published book, "Stories of Elf's Nook",
created by kids, with kids, for kids.

The book

The original story book, which was produced in only 1 copy

Illustrations from the book

The authors:)

Solutions provided

Custom Illustrations

Project team

Art-Director: Timár András

Design: Timár András

Management: Timár András

Team: Timár András, Vass Réka

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