IOTA (Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations)

New logotype and identity design supported with brand identity guidelines book

The Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations (IOTA) is a non-profit intergovernmental organisation, which provides assistance its members in 46 countries to improve tax administration. IOTA also promotes cooperation between tax administrations in the European region and supports their development according to their individual needs.

Corporate Identity Branding Guide

Please feel free to explore IOTA Brand Identity Guidelines".

Some of our main target assignments were:

  • Deliver a renewed version of IOTA organization logo keeping recognition intact
  • Design “IOTA 20th” celebration logo and corresponding materials
  • Review and update current identity (logo, types, layouts, etc.)
  • Create a basic print guidelines for print materials, deliverables, etc.
  • Provide a selection of corporate fonts to be used in communications and advertising
  • Provide a selection of corporate colors and color combinations for extensive use
  • Design business cards and personnel hand-outs, badges, lanyards
  • Establish a set of rules to make all public materials consistent and unified with the organization standards
  • Provide visual framework for communications materials such as Tax Tribune, letterheads, forms, press releases
  • Ensure quality compliance and independent review of existing materials when required
  • Support organisation with further improvements related to design tasks

IOTA Logo design

The brand logo consists of two elements: the globe symbol (IOTA avatar) and IOTA brand name.
The logo has been designed in a horizontal format and a stacked (vertical) format both with specific proportions that should not be altered.
The avatar can be displayed by itself as a symbol or IOTA mark unless the full logo is not applicable. Whenever possible the full format of the logotype should be used.
There are some permitted exceptions to this rule, primarily with respect to new and legacy premises design features such as web icons and elements, window etchings, floor inlays, etc., as well as some catering items.

IOTA Logo design

IOTA 20th Anniversary Logo and Slogan

In 2016, IOTA marks its 20th anniversary. Over the course of the year, IOTA will be celebrating two decades worth of tax administrations knowledge sharing and guidance along with the community of professionals who made it all possible through passion, enthusiasm, and support.
To mark this date a new logotype was designed to highlight the anniversary throughout print and brand materials in 2016.

IOTA Corporate Colors

Branded color palette.

Business Stationery & Publications

It is critical to maintain a consistent format and appearance across all elements of organisational stationery, publications, presentation materials and other products to ensure maximum brand recognition.

business stationery

business stationery design

business stationery

iota business stationery design

business stationery

business stationery

flyer design


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