Artamax Solutions

We are capable of high quality conceptualization, design, development and deployment of high quality web-based software.

What can we deliver:

Online Hotel Booking Systems

We have complete solutions for multilingual accommodation reservation and online bookin portals. We have developed and launched many custom built online systems, please visit or for live examples.

CMS (Content Management Systems) smartamax

We have developed our own fully customizable CMS solution which is very easy to use. With smartamax you will be able to create and manage content pages, add new menu items, manage products online, take care of user registrations and much much more. Software supports multilingual content structure, latest search engines optimization trends and it is fully platform independent. Our CMS is very affordable!

Online shops, catalogues, ordering systems
Payment gateway integration, payment solutions
Dynamic news, blogs, polls and other sections and modules for portals
Electronic email newsletter software

With our newsletter software you will be able to prepare newsletter templates, import, collect and manage subscribers lists on-line. No limitations for the size of the mailing list!

Custom web site search engines for content or products
Customized photo galleries
Custom email forms with validation, file or image uploads
Website hosting in Hungary

To see our current prices for website hosting please visit WebTelep Premium Webhosting

On Artamax Blog

  • Meet lover, straight

    Posted on October 01, 2014 by Vadim Ostapenko

    Meet lover, straightThat was a long brake, sorry guys, so much work to do lately, i have no time to keep the Blog alive really. But life around keeps me wondering with open eyes indeed… Here is a meat-lover approach from direct angle to the design of the truck in Budapest i have seen today. ...

  • Fantastic webshop

    Posted on July 01, 2014 by Vadim Ostapenko

    Fantastic webshopI just came across this online shop of the BELLROY - wallet producer company. Webshop itself is fantastically designed and very well thought through. Very nicely made illustrations, clear layout and proper copyrighting with a sprinkle of humor is THE right way to go for online commerce. Jimmy Gleeson (Australia) has made a truly inspiring work, respects! ...

  • Real time Internet data as time goes

    Posted on June 16, 2014 by Vadim Ostapenko

    There are few nice pages which represent some statistics regarding the status of the Internet currently based on the amount of time you are staying on this page. Watching these  numbers is a semi-hypnotic experience indeed, even if these data just an estimated values! Battle of the Internet Giants: Real-Time Accumulation of Wealth Click above to view the ...

  • Your drink is so natural!

    Posted on April 28, 2014 by Vadim Ostapenko

    Your drink is so natural!Just found it yesterday in the shop, one more energy drink company with rather unusual approach to this whole hyperactivity thing. They believe it’s catchy. Aiming for being viral? Possibly. I have committed countless hours into the logic of the heraldry and escutcheon symbols but — i’m still puzzled what scorpion in the middle of he shield  has ...

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