Optimize your website for mobile devices and mobile phones!

Mobile web becomes more important every year.

Approximately 71 million Europeans browse the mobile Internet every week and spend almost 1 hour a day going online via their mobile device (6.4 hours per week).
Mobile Internet is more frequently used than reading newspapers or magazines!

By 2014 mobile phones will be more popular to access Internet then desktop computers.

Mobile web is the fastest growing technology in history, don't be left behind.

You probably have a website already, now the time has come to optimize it for mobile phones and users with mobile devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, HTC and others).

Websites for mobile devices have other requirements comparing to full-size websites:

  • different screen resolution
  • different programming code of web pages
  • short loading times
  • pages should be user friendly
  • pages should be easy to navigate and
  • most important: it should be easy to find information your visitors need.

What can we do for you?
Professional design for mobile web pages
Well planned website to bring the best results for your users
Mobile detections scripts
Working booking, contact and registration forms
Install CMS (content management) for your mobile site
Quick delivery


Please check our references!

Here is the example of one of our sites, just drag the scroll-bar on the phone!!

Client: Fausto's Budapest Luxury Restaurant

Web: http://www.fausto.hu/

Client: Icon Restaurant, Hilton Budapest

Web: http://www.iconetterem.hu/

Client: Fakanál Restaurant, Budapest

Web: http://www.fakanaletterem.hu/

Client: Meet and Eat Guides, Crete, Greece

Web: http://www.meetandeatguides.hu/

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